AventaSolar solar collector

Modular building elements which can replace other roof and facade cladding

The AventaSolar solar collector is manufactured in an advanced polymer material, which allows for increased flexibility in shapes, dimensions and colours, important for architects and designers. The lighter weight reduces transportation and installation costs. 

The AventaSolar solar collector is especially designed for building integration as it is delivered as modular building elements, replacing regular roof- or façade covers.

  • New materials 
    – contribute to substantial cost reductions
  •  Low weight solar collector modules 
    – facilitate transport and installation
  • Aesthetic building integration in roof and/or façade 
  • Environmentally friendly 
    – low manufacturing energy consumption and complete recyclability


  • For building integration
  • For integration in window frames (NorDan Solar)
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The collector comes in 8 standard lengths (m):

1.50, 1.90, 2.40, 3.05, 3.70, 4.20, 4.60 and 5.90


The AventaSolar solar collector is certified with the Solar Keymark. Testing for the certificate was completed by ITW in Germany and the certificate is issued by DIN CERTCO.  

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, demonstrating to end-users that a product conforms to the relevant European standards and fulfills additional requirements. 


The collector is made like a compact multi-layer module. The solar radiation is converted to heat in the absorber sheet. Pure water is trickling through a channel structure, absorbs the heat which is deposited in the absorber and carries the heat to a heat store.

The solar system is operating automatically by means of a pump controller. It is a drain-back system. In periods without possibility for solar harvesting, the controller stops the circulation and the liquid in the collectors is draining within few minutes.

Special features - the AventaSolar concept

1) Drain-back system

  • Easy installation
  • Pure water
  • Overheat protection

2) Building integration

  • Multi-functionality
  • Good aesthetics – part of building skin
  • Cost saving – replaces other roof- or façade coverings

3) Polymer materials

Engineering plastics is regarded by many as the key for realizing the huge potential of solar thermal energy. Aventa has developed an innovative concept based on polymer solar collectors.