Aventa solar systems

The Aventa-system can be used in applications ranging from small systems for domestic hot water production to large systems with hundreds of square-meters of collector area. Both smaller and lager systems consist of 3 main components - solar collectors, a heat store and a control system.

  • The collector is made like a compact mulitlayer module. The solar radiation is converted to heat in the absorber sheet. Pure water is trickling through a channel structure, absorbs the heat which is deposited in the absorber and carries the heat to a heat store.
  • The heat store receives and stores the energy produced in the solar collectors. Energy is supplied on demand, for space heating and domestic hot water.
  • The control system secures effective control of the energy harvest from the solar collectors, advanced regulation of the interaction between solar system and “back up” energy source and effective regulation of the heat distribution system (waterbased floor heating/-wall heating).

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Different system types

Aventa offers 2 main system types, domestic hot water systems, and combined systems for space heating and hot water preparation. We also offer collectors for pool heating.

System description

  • Solar systems for space heating and hot water
    Aventa Combi
  • Solar system for hot water preparation
    Aventa DHW


AventaSolar solar systems do not require much maintenance, and will operate automatically through the year. However we recommend to check system status once or twice per year to see if water level is OK  (It is an open system and a very small amount of water may evaporate).