Solar Energy

For reducing the dependency on conventional fuels with large environmental impacts, solar energy represents an obvious choice. A substantial fraction of the global energy use serves the need for space and domestic water heating or for air-conditioning of buildings. Aventa has long experience with solar thermal energy used for these purposes. Together with strong partners Aventa has developed a new generation of solar collectors in advanced polymer materials;

  • good design
  • architectural flexibility
  • reasonable cost
  • simple mounting

The AventaSolar collector is a standard building element that can replace other types of roof- or facade coverings, and that can be utilized in a varity of architectural solutions. Due to high flexibility, the solar system can be used in different scales, from small tap-water systems for private houses to large industrial or institutional systems. The preferable application for one family houses is combined solar heating systems for domestic hot water (DHW) and radiant floor heating systems. A comparably low price makes the Aventa collector very interesting in large applications like multi family houses, hotels, hospitals, sport arenas and commercial or industrial buildings.

Aventa is a member of The Nordic Built “Active Roofs and Facades in Sustainable Renovationproject, which is supported by Nordic Innovation. The idea behind the project is to develop a concept for integrated solutions for renovation. The concept should result in prefabricated solutions such as facades or roof elements that can be tailored to the specific needs of the building, read more at the project website.