The building has a unique location with views over Skagerak and the Oslofjord. 7 m 2 solar collectors are integrated in window frames in the south facing facade, contributing to both domestic hot water preparation and space heating.

Heggtoppen is located 40 km south of Oslo and is a social housing project in the municipality of Lier. The project contains four new, two-story buildings, with 30 flats in total. The solar collectors on the roofs make the houses energy sufficient and sustainable.

Moi Sports club has installed Aventa's solar heating systems in its new clubhouse. The south-facing solar collector roof of 30 m2 contributes to domestic hot water heating for showering. Installation completed summer 2014.

Building Cooperative OBOS has built 34 new row houses in Oslo with passive house standard. AventaSolar solar collectors are integrated in south-facing roofs, providing as much as 62 % of the total energy need for heating (hot water and space heating)

Stenbraatlia is a model project in Sintef’s, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, on-going research on passive and low-energy housing.

Multi-family house, 8 flats (130-170 m²) in two and three stories - total area 1868 m². 100 square meters of solar collectors have been incorporated into the southern facade, providing domestic hot water and space heating (water based floor heating). The dark, reflecting surfaces are attractive building elements, producing energy and acting as a sound barrier for road traffic.

The single family house is located at Talge, an island not so far from Stavanger. It is built according to the passive house standard. 16 square metres of AventaSolar solar collectors integrated into a south- facing wall is contributing to space heating and domestic hot water preparation. 

Rudshagen is located 15 km outside the centre of Oslo. This is a site for new single family homes built according to the passive house standard. One of the houses is a solar house and has parts of the south facing facade covered with a solar collector. Net collector area is 19.5 m2. Installation of the solar system was well adapted to the building procedures. Mounting of the collector field was accomplished in 4 hours with two active installers.

Klosterenga is an urban revitalisation project close to the city centre of Oslo. The 35 apartments were built with a focus on energy saving. The general ecological approach includes, among others, focus on building materials from an ecological point of view, indoor climate and of course, energy saving design and installations and use of both passive and active solar energy.

House Oedegaard is a modern brick house with solar collectors integrated as a part of the south façade. It is located in Bærum, 2 km outside of Oslo. Solar energy is utilized for both hot water preparation and space heating. A low temperature water-based floor heating system is used for space heating. Auxiliary heating is provided by a biomass burner.