For the Green City Project “Strandkanten” a completely new concept for infrastructure related to technology, energy, environment and renovation was developed. Around 1200 flats were and are built, together 90 000 m2. Low temperature, water based floor heating is chosen as heat distribution solution in most of the flats. The energy comes from the drainage system with help from a heat pump. Aventa's complete control system for temperature regulation and energy metering has already been chosen for a large part of the apartments with water-based heating and secures energy effective operation, stable indoor temperature and individual monitoring of the use of heat and electricity in each flat.

- Troms Kraft's vision is to simplify operational services and offer to their customer with floor heated flats the same flexibility and support, which earlier only was available for direct electric heating, states Eivind Steinholt, CEO of Troms Kraft Varme AS.