Control system

Complete energy control in larger water-based heating systems

In buildings in which several users are connected to a common low-temperature heating central, it is important that each user can decide his/her comfort demand and pay for their own energy use. This is always the case if electricity is used directly, but has been a challenge in centralized water based heating systems. The monitoring of the energy consumption represents a particular technical challenge and generally a considerable cost factor. 

Aventa control system is based on a new control principle, where the needed heat for the next 30 minutes or hour is determined by measuring the parameters that are essential for the heat demand. By mathematics and simulation is this information transformed into a duty cycle which determines the fraction of time the heat circulation has to be on. This technology provides also a very simple, but accurate way to determine the energy used for space heating in this kind of heating systems.

Key benefits:

  • Pre-calculated energy need – stabile indoor temperature and minimum energy use
  • Built in energy metering – no extra costs
  • Built in communication module – information, billing and remote service