EU project SCOOP* is looking for volunteers to host pilot solar heating installations

Pilot project Oslo, 
installation 2013/2014

A major objective of SCOOP is to demonstrate innovative polymer solar collectors that can meet the market requirements for heating applications in the medium and high temperature range with a service-life comparable to those of conventional products. Several reference projects will be installed during 2014 in order to show the feasibility and potential of polymer collectors, three of them with AventaSolar technology. These will be followed up with detailed documentation and a lot of publicity.

SCOOP – Solar COllectors made Of Polymers. 

Interested in collaboration?

SCOOP and Aventa are seeking partners with interesting building projects who are able to host a reference installation. If you can provide a pilot project,we offer state of the art polymer solar collectors, support from a strong team of solar experts, products delivered at a lower price and great marketing opportunities.

Type of projects:
- solar combi-system for single-family house, 
- solar combi-system for multifamily house, 
- system with large DHW demand – new/retrofit. 

Geographic location:
Northern or Central Europe, exposed location and good visibility 

Project period:

Who to contact:
 John Rekstad; / Michaela Meir;

Technical key characteristics  - AventaSolar

  • Integration of solar collectors in the roof or facade;
  • Flexible absorber lengths available, standard width of 60 cm;
  • Un-pressurised solar circuit and un-pressurised buffer store volume;
  • Water without additives as heat carrier;
  • Drain-back technology as protection against overheating and freezing;
  • Preferable application in combined systems for domestic hot water (DHW) and space heating or DHW systems with large tap water demand